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26 07, 2022



LING3004 Senior seminar Dr. Youngah Do Capstone Course. Sem 2, 6 credits Course Description This capstone course is available by invitation to students with outstanding records and/or those considering postgraduate study and research. Participants will read and present primary research literature and debate issues in the field. Prerequisite: LING1000. Note: For General Linguistics majors only. Assessment: 100% coursework.

25 07, 2022



LING2053 Language and the brain Chun Yin Liu Advanced course. Sem 1, 6 credits Course Description This course is an introduction to the representation and processing of language in the human brain, the systems and processes that enables us to speak, understand speech, learn languages, and read and write.  Through attending the course, students will acquire in-depth knowledge of how language is developed, processed, and organized in the brain.  Traditional as well as most recent research from linguistics, cognitive neuroscience (e.g. brain imaging) and the study of language disorders will be reviewed. Pre-requisite: LING1000 Assessment: 100% coursework.

5 07, 2021



LING2076 Mind and body: a holistic approach to the sounds of language Dr. Youngah Do Advanced Course. Sem 2 , 6 credits Course Description The study of the sound systems of human language is unique in that it considers both the role of our body (Phonetics) and mind (Phonology). How we internalize sound systems (Phonology) is often clearly dependent on the operation of our body (Phonetics); yet grammatical generalizations of sound systems can also abstract away from the  physical properties of sounds. How different or  similar can phonology and phonetics be? Where exactly does the border between the two lie?  Over [...]

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