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Dr. Arthur Lewis Thompson, a postdoc of our department, was invited by the curators at Center for Heritages Arts & Textiles to discuss two pieces from the Interweaving Poetic Code from the perspective of a linguist who researches visual languages!

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All 11 undergraduate students have successfully completed their capstone project!  

This recently published article on Hakka in mainland China involves two of our lab members!

This semester 11 undergraduate students joined our lab and are involved in the projects we are currently running. 

Arthur Lewis Thomspon has published his paper on tones and iconicity in PLoS ONE and our paper on processing multimorphemic words has been published in Cognition (see Publications)!

We organized a public workshop on “Seeing speech: ultrasound imaging in Linguistics” led by Jon Havenhill. 

Dr. Jon Havenhill has joined our lab and will contribute with his expertise in articulatory phonetics. Welcome, Jon!

Our previous lab member Katrina Ke Chun Li has started her MA programme in Linguistics at Cambridge university.

We will present our work on the reality of hierarchical morphological structure in multimorphemic words at the AMLaP conference in Berlin, September 6-8. 

In our summer series of lab meetings, we discuss a the most recent papers published on phonological learning and learnability. 

LDL welcomes five research interns this term, Kelly, Katrina, Dorothy, Carrie and Heidi! Welcome! Our interns will get involved in a project on multimorphemic processing and a project on phonological learning biases. 

Our very first lab member, Eileen, successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Waegemaekers!

Yoonsang gave a seminar talk at CUHK on one of our lab projects exploring L2 speakers’ knowledge of multimorphemic words.