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Knowledge Exchange 2023 (Hong Kong Sign Language) Lab News

Students complete Immersive Lessons on Hong Kong Sign Language

Over the past five months, from January to May 2023, Rachel, Jasper, Tiffany, and Kevin have successfully completed a 24-hour immersive course in Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL), as part of an ongoing research investigation into Hong Kong Sign Language, conducted by Youngah and Arthur of the Language Development Lab.

Throughout the course, the students engaged in twice-per-week, one-on-one immersive sessions with Ms. KONG Wan Ki (KK), a senior trainer from the Professional Sign Language Centre. With their trainer unable to hear, the students were required to use HKSL, supplemented with writing tools, to communicate, thereby fostering a comprehensive understanding of the language.

Upon completing the course, the students achieved Level III proficiency in the Centre’s curriculum, which is recognized by the Hong Kong Sign Language Association. In total, they have acquired 655 individual signs in Hong Kong Sign Language.

We would like to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of Rachel, Jasper, Tiffany, and Kevin, and express our gratitude to KK and the Professional Sign Language Centre for their invaluable support throughout the course. Their commitment and diligence have significantly contributed to the progress of our research.

Lab News

Bingzi accepted to the MIT PhD programme!

Bingzi is accepted to the PhD programme at MIT. Congratulations! A celebratory lunch was certainly in order.

Lab News Publication

“Iconicity in Ideophones: Guessing, Memorizing, and Reassessing” : accepted at CogSci!

Van Hoey, T., Thompson, A. L., Do, Y., & Dingemanse, M. (2023). Iconicity in Ideophones: Guessing, Memorizing, and Reassessing. Cognitive Science. Accepted open_in_new DOI