Undergraduate Programme (BA)

The undergraduate programme in General Linguistics permits students to combine in a single field a variety of Arts and Social Science subjects and to develop their analytic skills in depth. Students are encouraged to explore with members of staff the many relationships of linguistics with other fields in order to discover the programme that best suits their individual goals and interests.

In the Department of Linguistics, students can investigate a variety of different languages and through such investigations, come to a better understanding of the shared structure and broad variation of the world’s languages. The BA programme provides a firm foundation so that those students who wish to do so can go on to pursue advanced studies in linguistics or go into a professional career in areas as diverse as teaching, marketing and public relations, journalism, publishing, international affairs and so forth.

The department offers a major and a minor in Linguistics. Detailed information on required coursework in the BA programme in linguistics can be found in the BA course syllabus. Information on admission to the BA in linguistics.