Hyun Kyung Rachel Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests lie in the neural mechanisms underlying language processing in native and second language learners. I am also interested in utilizing electroencephalography (EEG) to investigate language learning and development in bilinguals and individuals with special educational needs.

Email: lhk759@connect.hku.hk

Robert Marcelo Sevilla

Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests include the Xiang group, Sinitic typology, acoustics (of hesitation markers like uh and um in particular), and grammatical variation (of classifier constructions in particular). I’m also willing to chat about diachronic linguistics with anyone, rain or shine!

Email: u3545575@connect.hku.hk

Arthur Thompson

Postdoctoral Fellow

Without imitating there is no learning. I am interested in how humans use imitation to express what we mean from a multimodal, cognitive, and phonological perspective. In particular, my research investigates how and why communicative imitation sounds or appears different from language to language, and to what extent such imitation is transparent or easily learnable in different contexts. I work with a variety of languages, such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Chaoyang (Southern Min), and Hong Kong Sign Language. My PhD laid the groundwork for a methodology which allows one to phonologically identify and argue for semantic relations across ideophones from unrelated languages. Currently, I am collaborating with colleagues on a project which seeks to understand the interaction of hand gestures and guessing accuracy of ideophone meanings from different languages. Another project has us looking at longterm phonological acquisition of Hong Kong Sign Language by hearing adults. Playing with new methodologies and trying out new experimental designs is how I express myself creatively in my academic work. In addition to that, I supervise student research projects ranging from English vowel perception to the linguistic landscape of Shenzhen malls to the euphonics and phonetics of expressive strategies in langsonghui 朗誦會 poetry to the multimodal nature of popular WeChat memes.

Email: arthur91@hku.hk
Office: Room 9.22, RRST, Centennial Campus