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19 07, 2023



LING7016 Linguistic Diversity in China Dr. Robert Marcelo Sevilla MA Elective course. Sem 1Tuesday, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm Venue: RRST-7.58 Course Description This course introduces linguistic diversity across modern China, with a focus on structural variation in terms of sound systems, word forms, and grammatical structure. The course takes a descriptive approach to linguistic features with little theoretical or technical linguistic knowledge necessary. Topics covered include the main typological regions in Sinitic and their relationships to each other, the Altaic areal region, the Mainland Southeast Asian region, the Highland region, and approaches to quantifying linguistic diversity. Course Details Assessment:100% coursework

19 07, 2023



LING6020 Advanced Topics in Psycholinguistics Dr. Liu Chun Yin Ralph MA Elective course. Sem 1Monday, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm Venue: (ONLINE) Course Description The course will examine issues concerning how language is acquired and processed in the mind. Advanced research topics to be covered in this course are as follows: brain and language development, language and thought, mental systems for words, word segmentation in Chinese and English, dyslexia, language disorders. There will also be practical laboratory classes. Course Details Assessment:100% coursework

5 06, 2023

Students complete immersive lessons on Hong Kong Sign Language


Discover the incredible journey of our undergrad students, Rachel, Jasper, Tiffany, and Kevin as they conquered the immersive Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) course. Guided by expert trainer KK, these dedicated students achieved Level III proficiency and mastered 655 signs. Join us in applauding their remarkable dedication and also the invaluable support from the Professional Sign Language Centre! See more here: https://linguistics.hku.hk/ldlhku/2023/05/31/students-complete-immersive-lessons-on-hong-kong-sign-language/    

Students complete immersive lessons on Hong Kong Sign Language2023-06-05T10:38:31+08:00
22 05, 2023

Dr. Christoph Coupé of HKU Linguistics is corresponding author of an article in PLOS Computational Biology!


Dr. Christophe Coupé of HKU Linguistics is corresponding author of an article in PLOS Computational Biology! The study on the bioacoustics of Bonobo calls shows how sparse and noisy data on animal vocal communication can be deciphered using machine learning. Click below for details: https://journals.plos.org/ploscompbiol/article?id=10.1371/journal.pcbi.1010325 Congrats Dr. Coupé!

Dr. Christoph Coupé of HKU Linguistics is corresponding author of an article in PLOS Computational Biology!2023-05-22T20:36:04+08:00
19 05, 2023

Phd Candidate Jonah is presenting at AMLap!


Our PhD candidate, Mr. Jonah Lack, is accepted for a poster presentation at AMLaP, Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing! It will be held in Donostia San-Sebastián, Spain. His project title is "Native-Like L2 Morphological Processing of English Derived Words: An ERP Study". You can find more about the conference here.

Phd Candidate Jonah is presenting at AMLap!2023-05-19T14:42:57+08:00
26 04, 2023

Check out these papers Dr. Robert Marcelo published through Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, Languages, and Linguistics Vanguard


Check out the following papers all published within the last month by our own Dr. Robert Marcelo Sevilla through the Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, Languages, and Linguistics Vanguard on the syntax of referential classifier constructions from an OT perspective, the distribution of hesitation marker acoustic quality across Xiang varieties, and an exploration of the feasibility of conducting acoustic research through Zoom, respectively. Each of these studies contribute to a greater understanding of the Xiang subgroup of Sinitic, which has often been sidelined in theoretical explorations of Sinitic in favor of Standard Mandarin, and the last paper also has practical implications for [...]

Check out these papers Dr. Robert Marcelo published through Taiwan Journal of Linguistics, Languages, and Linguistics Vanguard2023-04-26T12:17:15+08:00
21 04, 2023

We are hiring!


Check out our Ads for Associate Professor/Professor below: https://jobs.hku.hk/cw/en/job/519940/professorassociate-professor-in-linguistics?fbclid=IwAR1KHvpnOPhQoI8zte7ZukPYev5EPywf8T2JH6bGKgDLm15XAKrXgQ5b-AQ

We are hiring!2023-04-21T13:05:54+08:00
21 04, 2023

Congrats to Taela!


Our MA graduates, Taela Dudley, will be attending the University of Chicago this fall to conduct language and identity research. Check our her testimonial below for our MA programme: I want to thank you all so much for providing such a wonderful program. I actually pursued this master's with the intent to continue to law school afterward, but your program inspired me to change course! I thoroughly enjoyed each of your courses, and feel well equipped to take my studies to the next level. I look forward to joining a worldwide community of linguists, and potentially working together one day. Thank [...]

Congrats to Taela!2023-04-21T13:03:47+08:00
21 04, 2023

Congrats to Bingzi!


Congratulations to our very own MPhil student Bingzi Yu (2021 HKU BA Linguistics ) who will join the PhD program at the MIT this fall. She has been working on phonological learning, and would like to pursue that direction of research during her PhD.

Congrats to Bingzi!2023-04-21T13:05:43+08:00
10 11, 2022

Big Congrats to Dr. Song!


Big congratulations to Dr. Yoonsang Song, who has received an Early Career Award from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong: https://www.ugc.edu.hk/....../award/award20221107.html Dr. Song's project is a neurolinguistic investigation of second language learners' morphological processing. Well done, Dr. Song!  

Big Congrats to Dr. Song!2022-11-10T15:31:17+08:00
29 10, 2022

Information Day!


Today is Information Day! Our booth will be located at LG07-LG10. If you have a chance, please visit us!

Information Day!2022-10-30T18:18:36+08:00
1 08, 2022



LING7015 Pragmatics Dr. Leo Hoye MA Elective course. Sem 2Friday, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm Venue: MB141 Course Description The course introduces students to linguistic and extralinguistic approaches to language use and the making of meaning, where the roles of language users, their interlocutors, and the contexts in and through which they act and use language are considered paramount. As a contextually-driven perspective on meaning, Pragmatics contrasts with Semantics which tends to focus on instances of language – linguistic expressions – that are abstracted from their real-world contexts of use. Topics to be explored include both canonical and current approaches to meaning [...]

20 01, 2020

Welcome, Dr. Song!


We would happy to welcome a new member of staff to our department! Dr. Yoonsang Song’s research explores the syntactic and morphological representation of language, with a particular focus on how language is processed by second language learners and bilingual speakers. He uses various experimental methods including electroencephalography (EEG). Prior to joining HKU, he worked at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017-2019) as Research Assistant Professor, and at HKU (2016-2017) as Visiting Assistant Professor. He received his Ph.D. in linguistics from Georgetown University, and his B.A. in Business Administration from Seoul National University. At HKU, he plans to build an [...]

Welcome, Dr. Song!2020-01-20T12:40:20+08:00
20 12, 2019

Congratulations to HKU Iinguistics graduates Sharon Lee and Szeto Pui-Yiu on their Outstanding Thesis Awards from the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong


Outstanding Thesis Award 2019 (MA category) - "Focus Prosody in Cantonese - The Case of Verb-copying Constructions" by Sharon Tsoi Lam Lee Outstanding Thesis Award 2019 (Ph.D. category) - "Typological Variation Across Sinitic Languages: Contact and Convergence" by Pui Yiu Szeto

Congratulations to HKU Iinguistics graduates Sharon Lee and Szeto Pui-Yiu on their Outstanding Thesis Awards from the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong2020-01-20T12:48:21+08:00
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