LING7015 Pragmatics

Dr. Leo Hoye

MA Elective course. Sem 1
Venue: TBA

Course Description

The course introduces students to linguistic and extralinguistic approaches to language use and the making of meaning, where the roles of language users, their interlocutors, and the contexts in and through which they act and use language are considered paramount. As a contextually-driven perspective on meaning, Pragmatics contrasts with Semantics which tends to focus on instances of language – linguistic expressions – that are abstracted from their real-world contexts of use. Topics to be explored include both canonical and current approaches to meaning with a focus on real-world issues rather than rehearsal of traditional concepts. The role of Pragmatics as a perspective on rather than a component of the language system will be addressed. Central issues and theoretical concepts of Pragmatics will be discussed, with illustration from a variety of languages and cultures.

Course Details

100% coursework

Course Timeslots (1)