LING2040 Languages in Contact

Prof. Stephen Matthews

Advanced Course. Sem 2, 6 credits

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the linguistic and social dimensions of language contact and change. Topics include multilingualism, lexical and grammatical borrowing, code-switching, language shift and the emergence of new languages, among them the creole languages of Asia, the Americas and Africa. Presentations, film viewings, in-class discussions and online and offline exercises during lectures and tutorials will provide the opportunity to apply and learn concrete techniques of linguistic analysis. The course is especially relevant to students interested in East-West contacts, the Americas and Africa, colonialism and globalization, and linguistic and cultural change.

LING1000 and LING2056

Course Details

The course will be assessed 100% by coursework. Grades will be based on a dossier made up of work done through the semester and (re-)submitted at the end of term, consisting of:

(1) A presentation in class (40%)
(2) A multimedia contribution to a course website (40%)
(3) A quiz (20%)Attendance at tutorials is required. The presentation will involve looking

at a particular contact language (e.g. Nigerian Pidgin, Chinese Pidgin English, Bislama, Sri Lanka Malay) and presenting the findings to the class. We will aim at putting up a website on language contact, to which we will contribute individually through our working groups. At some point in the semester, we will do an in -class quiz on topics covered so far. All assessment will be based on group work provided that each and every one of us contributes actively to their working groups.

All reading can be found on the HKU Moodle

Internet links:
We will explore internet links together as the course moves along

Course Timeslots (1)

CPD 3.29