LING1000 Introduction to Language

Dr. Olivia Lam

Pre-requisite course. Sem 1, 6 credits

Course Description

This course is an introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of language. The course begins with an introduction to the field, and with a discussion of what ‘language’ is. We then learn how speakers use language forms to convey meaning. This includes an introduction to the study of (i) sound patterns (phonetics and phonology); (ii) word structure and sentence structure (morphology and syntax); and, (iii) meaning (semantics and pragmatics). These are some of the more fundamental tools that linguists use to analyze language. We also introduce you to the main areas of inquiry in the field, including language variation, language and the brain, language acquisition and linguistic diversity. The aim is for students to get an overview of the diverse field, as well as understand and appreciate the foundations of linguistics.

Assessment:  100% coursework.

Note: This course is a prerequisite for the majors and minors in General Linguistics and all Introductory and Advanced Linguistics courses, except for LING1004.

Course Timeslots (1)