LING2009 Languages of the World

Dr. Yoongsang Song

Introductory Course. Sem 1, 6 credits

Course Description

This survey of the world’s languages covers how languages are classified into families and types as well as issues of linguistic diversity and endangered languages. The course involves regular practical work. The course satisfies the prerequisite for the advanced course, Language typology, and also provides useful background for all courses in linguistics.


Course Details

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– The course will be assessed 100% by coursework, consisting of:Midterm quiz (multiple choice + short answers: 20%)
– Final quiz (multiple choice + short answers: 20%)
– Tutorial assignments (4: 40%)
– Attendance and participation (including contributions to discussion page/bulletin board: (20%)Attendance at four tutorials is required. Participation includes discussion during lectures and tutorials as well as by e-mail and on the discussion page. Provisional grades will be given together with feedback on assignments during the semester.

Lyovin, A. An Introduction to the Languages of the World. Oxford University Press, 1997.

Comrie, B. S. Matthews & M. Polinsky. The Atlas of Languages. Facts on File, 2003

Course Timeslots (1)