LING2034 Psycholinguistics

Dr. Heeju Hwang

Introductory Course. Sem 2, 6 credits

Course Description

This course is an introduction to psycholinguistics and will examine issues concerning how language is acquired and processed in the mind. Essential concepts of the mental processes involved in language comprehension and production and contemporary research will be covered in this course. There will also be practical laboratory classes.

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100% course work


We have made changes to the syllabus of LING2034 Psycholinguistics (Psychology of Language) and LING2048 Language and Cognition.Now LING2034 does not have LING2048 as a prerequisite.Although LING2048 Language and Cognition is currently listed as an introductory course, I strongly recommend taking LING2034 first. This is because in LING2048 we are going to see how language processing interacts with other cognitive processes (memory, vision, music etc.) building upon LING2034, where we are going to learn how we acquire, comprehend and produce language. (LING2048 will be listed as an advanced course starting next year)Starting from next academic year (2016-17), LING2048 Language and Cognition will be listed as an advanced course while LING2034: Psycholinguistics as an introductory course. This curriculum change will only affect those students who take the two courses next year or after. If you take LING2048 this year, it will be counted as an introductory course. If you take LING2034 this year, it will be counted as an advanced course.

So if you plan to take LING2048 in the second semester of 2015-16, please enroll in LING2034 first. I hope this helps with your course planning. If you have any questions, please let me know (

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CPD 2.16