LING2037 Bilingualism

Dr. Wai Ting Siok

Advanced Course. Sem 2, 6 credits

Course Description

This course aims to provide a theoretical understanding of bilingualism from a psycholinguistic and neuropsycholinguistic perspective, with emphasis on bilingual language development and mental representations of the two languages. Various aspects of bilingual behavior such as code-switching and language mixing and various factors that may affect bilingual behavior such as age-related differences, the influence of the first language, the role of attitudes, motivation and learning contexts will be discussed and examined.

Course Details



Non-permissible combination: PSYC0038.

100% coursework:
Tutorial assignment and performance: 20% of your grade.
Midterm Quiz: 30% of your grade.
Term Quiz: 50% of your grade.
The quizzes may contain multiple choices, short questions, and/or long questions.

There will be two tutorials.
Tutorial 1 (Week 7): Should we let children learn two or more languages simultaneously in early childhood?
Tutorial 2 (Week 12): The mental lexicon of bilinguals

1. Reference Book: The Bilingualism Reader (edited by Li Wei), Routledge, 2007. [A copy of this book is in the AV & Reserve Collection, Main Library (call # 306.446 B59 W41). The Main Library also has one copy of this book. Available in the University Bookstore. ]2. Reading materials will be distributed by the lecturer during class.

Lecture Notes and Suggested Readings

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