LING7004 Phonetics and Phonology

Dr. Arthur Thompson

MA Core course. Sem 2
Thursday, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm
Venue: Online

Course Description

How do we know someone is speaking a different language? By the sound of it! This course introduces students to study of the sound system of language, both the physical aspects of language sounds (phonetics) and the cognitive properties of language sound systems (phonology). We look at both how sounds are produced in the mouth (articulatory phonetics) and properties of the sound signal (acoustics). We also explore the ways that sounds are organized in languages, to give each language its distinctive sound pattern. The focus throughout the course is on understanding through doing, with a heavy emphasis on developing analytic skills.

Course Details


100% Coursework


Peng, Long. 2013. Analyzing Sound Patterns An Introduction to Phonology. Cambridge University Press.

a) Ashby, M. & J. Maidment. 2005. Introducing Phonetic Science. Cambridge University Press.
b) Ladefoged, Peter. 2001. A Course in Phonetics. Orlando: Harcourt.
c) Johnson, Keith. 1997. Acoustic & Auditory Phonetics. Oford: Blackwell Publishers.

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