LING7012 Introduction to Data Science for Linguists

Dr. Christophe Coupé

MA Elective course. Sem 1
Wed, 9:30 am – 11:20 am
Venue: CPD-2.25

Course Description

This course offers students a detailed introduction to data science and its application to linguistic issues. It covers both theoretical aspects and methods, and assumes no strong background in mathematics or computer science. Following an introduction to data science, a number of statistical concepts and tools will be introduced and applied to linguistic data. Simple natural language processing (NLP) techniques will also be covered. Topics include: sampling, descriptive and inferential statistics, basic parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, regular expressions, morphosyntactic processing, lemmatization etc. Jamovi will be used for statistics and homemade tools for NLP.

Course Details

100% coursework


Course Timeslots (1)