The Dept of Linguistics is pleased to announce the inaugural publication of LECT – an HKU working papers journal in the language sciences.

LECT is an online, open-access journal of working papers by students at HKU whose research focuses on linguistics and language sciences. Through a simple peer review process, LECT provides feedback for authors considering further publication. Each submission is reviewed in-house by a scholar from the relevant sub-discipline at HKU. Our editorial board includes experts in phonetics, phonology, syntax, sociolinguistics, as well as hearing and speech sciences. Full-length working papers, squibs (new discoveries or short articles), and reviews are accepted for annual publication.

We are currently welcoming submissions from current and former HKU students for our second issue – deadline 1 July 2018. Please click HERE for the submission guidelines. Submissions should be sent to in .docx format.


Article Titles

– Perfective ‘already’ in Cantonese-English bilingual children: A case of relabeling or grammaticalization? (SZETO, Pui Yiu)

– Testing the competence of first language: A prototype test for language maintenance (DING, Hongdi)

– Swallow alignment (YIP, Jonathan; LIU Yadong; ARCHANGELI, Diana)

– A pilot study on voice onset time of English words in Cantonese-English codeswitching in Hong Kong (NG, Jeremy Tzi Dong)

– Some notes on object preposing in Cantonese complex predicates (LAI, Ryan Ka Yau)