The Department of Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) seeks to recruit PhD (4 years without MPhil degree; 3 years with MPhil degree) and MPhil (2 years) candidates with a starting date of Sep 1 2019.

HKU Linguistics offers an integrated program in the study of linguistics, including theoretical linguistics, language documentation, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics. See for further information.

This year, we are especially interested in candidates with research interests in areas including but not limited to:

Dr. Wai Ting Siok: Language neuroscience, reading development, and dyslexia.

Dr. Cathryn Donohue: Himalayan languages, and field- and experimental-based morphosyntax especially case marking.

Dr. Heeju Hwang: Psycholinguistics.

Dr. Joe Perry: Language documentation especially of Sino-Tibetan languages, theoretical syntax, and theoretical morpho-phonology particularly in a Distributed Morphology framework.

Dr. Youngah Do: Phonological acquisition, experimental phonology, and computational phonology.

Dr. Christophe Coupé: Quantitative approaches to linguistic diversity, and computational approaches to language change.

Dr. Jonathan Havenhill: Sound change and variation, sociophonetics, and laboratory phonology.

Our department offers an innovative research setting, excellent working conditions, and intensive supervision. We have several labs: Brain Language Mapping Lab, Field Linguistics Lab, Phonetics & Phonology Lab, Psycholinguistics Lab, and Language Development Lab. The candidates will have access to our lab facilities including an ultrasound machine, an eye-tracker, a sound booth, and equipment for fieldwork and for various behavioral experimentations.

The successful candidate will have excellent grades, and hold an MA/MPhil or equivalent degree in the field of linguistics. Familiarity with the collection, elicitation and the analysis of linguistic data is highly desirable. Applicants must have a good command of English. Strong candidates are encouraged to apply for one of the HK PhD Fellowships (USD 3,200 per month) and will automatically be considered for the HKU Postgraduate Fellowship (USD 2,200 per month).

Please apply online through the link provided below.

For further questions, please contact Dr. Youngah Do, at the contact information provided below.

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