LING7014 Language Structure in Context

Dr. Kofi Yakpo

MA Elective course. Sem 1
Thursday, 9:30 am – 12:20 pm
Venue: RRST-4.04

Course Description

This course introduces students to a specific language or group of languages on which the teacher concerned has conducted linguistic field work, laboratory or theoretical research. Topics cover the main areas of grammar and phonology of the language chosen for the course. The study of linguistic structure may be complemented with aspects of comparative linguistics, areal typology, language contact, socio-cultural, historical and geographical context. Course work may also cover aspects of the collection, analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative linguistic data on a language. The course therefore provides a unique opportunity for students to apply and expand linguistic knowledge acquired during undergraduate studies and the current Masters programme in a holistic way.

Course Details


100% Coursework


Course Timeslots (1)