6 12, 2017



LING2056 Sociolinguistics Ms. Tian Mimi Introductory Course. Sem 1, 6 credits Course Description The course introduces students to the study of the relationship between language and society. The course includes topics like language variation and change, language and gender, multilingualism and language contact, and language policy. Aspects like the distinction between language and dialect will be covered next to how language attitudes shape our communicative behaviour and the way we perceive speakers. The course has both theoretical and empirical content and includes many case studies and practical exercises from languages and regions around the world. This course is recommended for linguistics [...]

6 12, 2017



LING2050 – Grammatical Description (Core) Dr. Joseph Perry Introductory Course. Sem 1, 6 credits Course Description This course aims at giving the student a comprehensive introduction to basic concepts used in the description of morphology and syntax, independent of any model of grammar. Exercises accompany the topics introduced. Example analyses are drawn from various languages. The following topics in morphology and syntax will be covered: words, morphemes and morphs, word classes, immediate constituents, phrase structure, functional relations, and sentence structure. Course materials will be provided by the lecturer. Pre-requisite LING1000 Course Details Assessment: 100% coursework Textbook: Maggie Tallerman. 2011. Understanding Syntax [...]

29 11, 2017



LING2004 Phonetics: Describing sounds (Core) Dr. Marcelo Sevilla Introductory Course. Sem 1 , 6 credits Course Description Phonetics studies the sounds of speech, as a topic in itself and as a basis for studying other levels of language structure such as Phonology and Morphology. This course focuses on articulatory phonetics; the speech mechanism; the description and classification of sounds of languages; sounds in context; prosodic features; tone and intonation; and practical work. Pre-requisite LING1000 Course Details Syllabus: Distributed during the first class meeting Assessment: A combination of assignments, exams and practical tests. Tutorials: To be determined by the end of the [...]

28 11, 2017



LING2034 Psycholinguistics Dr. Heeju Hwang Introductory Course. Sem 1, 6 credits Course Description This course is an introduction to psycholinguistics and will examine issues concerning how language is acquired and processed in the mind. Essential concepts of the mental processes involved in language comprehension and production and contemporary research will be covered in this course. There will also be practical laboratory classes. Course Details Syllabus: N/A Prerequisite: LING1000 Assessment: 100% course work Tutorials: N/A

28 11, 2017



LING2009 Languages of the World Dr. Yoongsang Song Introductory Course. Sem 1, 6 credits Course Description This survey of the world’s languages covers how languages are classified into families and types as well as issues of linguistic diversity and endangered languages. The course involves regular practical work. The course satisfies the prerequisite for the advanced course, Language typology, and also provides useful background for all courses in linguistics. Pre-requisite LING1000 Course Details Syllabus: Click here Assessment: - The course will be assessed 100% by coursework, consisting of:Midterm quiz (multiple choice + short answers: 20%) - Final quiz (multiple choice + short [...]

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