List of available courses, BA (2023/24)

You can now view a list of courses offered for the academic year 2023-2024 below and the latest timetable here.

All courses are assessed by 100% coursework. Coursework assessment may take a variety of formats, including projects, term-papers, essays, portfolios, class tests, and student presentations.

All are taught as one-semester courses. Course availability is subject to staffing considerations.

First Year Courses

• Introduction to Language – LING1000

Introductory Courses

All courses have LING1000 – Introduction to Language as their prerequisite.

• Phonetics: Describing sounds (Core) – LING2004
• Languages of the World – LING2009
• Psycholinguistics – LING2034
• Grammatical Description (Core) – LING2050
• Sociolinguistics – LING2056

Advanced Courses

• Phonology: An Introduction to the Study of Sound Systems – LING2027
• Morphology – LING2030
• Syntactic Theory – LING2032
• Languages in Contact – LING2040
• Languages and Cognition – LING2048
• Topics in Cantonese Linguistics – LING2058
•Languages of China – LING2060
• Linguistic Fieldwork – LING2061
• Variation Analysis – LING2066
• Natural Language Processing – LING2067
• Historical Linguistics: Languages, Genes and Human Migrations – LING2070
• Introductory statistics for the humanities – LING2071
• Introduction to second language research – LING2074

Capstone Courses

• Extended Essay – LING3002
• Linguistics Field Trip – LING3003
• Laboratory Linguistics – LING3006

Courses not on offer this year

Language structure for Language Learning – LING1004
Semantics: Meaning and Grammar – LING2003
Experimental Phonetics & Phonology – LING2012
Language Typology: The Study of Linguistic Diversity – LING2013
Lexical-functional Grammar – LING2018
Pragmatics – LING2022
Discourse Analysis – LING2023
Child Language – LING2036
Bilingualism – LING2037
Optimality theory – LING2047
Language and the brain – LING2053
Reading Development and Reading Disorders – LING2055
Writing Systems – LING2059                                                
Experimental Syntax – LING2062
Language in Africa – LING2064
Endangered Languages: Issues and Methods – LING2065
Computational Approaches to Language – LNIG2068
Origins of language – LING2069
Advanced Statistics for the Humanities – LING2072
Advanced topics in syntax – LING2073
Issues in language documentation – LING2075
Mind and body: A holistic approach to the sounds of language – LING2076
Senior Seminar – LING3004
Advanced topics in reading, language and cognition – LING3005
Seminar in Psycholinguistics – LING3007